Making sense of too many tools

  Sometimes, when I try to figure out what tool might be the right one to use for any aspect of social media, marketing, content or any and all of the above, I feel like I’m staring at a wall like the above. Recently, I was tasked with finding a tool to... read more

The State of the #SOTUSocial Is Strong

As I was headed to bed a couple of Thursdays ago, I checked my email one last time. A new message had just come through, and the subject line simply read, “White House SOTU Social invitation”. I stopped in my tracks and opened the email, and sure enough,... read more

Don’t Mourn the #InstaPurge

Instagram shed millions of users in one second If you’re a frequent Instagram user, you likely saw a giant notice in your notifications panel starting two or three weeks ago that informed you that your user count would possibly be changing. Like most adults, you... read more

A Holiday #SMEtiquette Roundup

Holiday time can be stressful having to spend time with family and friends who are difficult to deal with. Add to it the relationships we have online, and it can be positively mind-blowing. I put together this deck of some of my most popular #SMEtiquette tips, linking... read more