How PR pros and journalists can help each other

As a former journalist, I know we always liked to think that we didn’t need PR professionals for anything, and that they were more a bother than a help. But when we encountered someone who was good at her job, that person was worth her weight in gold. Fact is,... read more

Liz Chan Sees Christmas – Every Day

It’s not about what you have, Elizabeth Chan believes, it’s about what you leave behind that matters. That simple belief led her to quit her high-powered marketing job at Conde Nast to pursue her dream of writing a timeless Christmas song. Like most simple... read more

7 Sites for Free, High-Quality Stock Images

You’ve written your blog post but it looks blah without an image. But you can’t take a photo to save your life. What to do? Here are seven of the best sites out there for high quality, free stock photos. Flickr Creative Commons – My old standby. Whenever I’ve need an... read more

Words That Aren’t Buzzwords. Yet.

Look. I know it’s hard to avoid buzzwords completely. We all use them, at some point or another. But sometimes they start out sounding clever or as a joke, and then all of a sudden people start using them for real and you wonder, “My god, what have I done?” But... read more

Mobile SEO: Doing It Right

Every now and again, friends make snide remarks about SEO. “Is that still a thing?” And then I see recommendations from a wanna-be firm that suggests best practices that were barely best practices in the heady keyword-stuffing days and wonder, “Is... read more

Five Steps to Creating a Viral Video

Congratulations. You’ve decided to create a viral video. It’s easy, right? I mean, that guy did it with his son, David, after a dentist’s visit (we’ve watched that 130 million times). And how many times can we watchCharlie bite his brother’s finger? (825 million and... read more

It’s Time To Play Buzzword Bingo!

Sometimes it’s as if marketers and social media types and other people charged with presenting our message to the public have a language all of their own. Which can make it a little difficult to understand their message. I’m here to help – here’s a glossary of 13... read more

3 Reddit Alternatives for Expatriates

A good many Redditors have been fleeing the site (or at least are looking for greener pastures) in the past few months, with negative press coming to a head last month with a slew of difficult events. Community manager and beloved (by Redditors) staffer Victoria... read more