Today’s post is gonna be short.

I’m not in my regular schedule, yes, I’m at SXSW. And it’s ridiculous to think that I was sooooo busy today that I didn’t have time to blog. Which is why I’m here, in the dark, in my shared hotel room, at 11:37 p.m. Central time (12:37 a.m. Eastern, my usual time zone), typing into WordPress.

But I was at an event tonight, with friends. Some were old friends, some were semi-old friends, and some were brand-spanking-new friends.

A creepy dude was hitting on one of the new friends. The rest of us were keeping a FIRM eye on what was going on. He brought her drinks (water was all she requested), and we provided her with empty cups to pretend she had drank what he brought her. Were his drinks spiked? He was probably too drunk to do that. But we were not going to take chances.

All we have in this world is each other. All we can do is help and protect each other. If we cannot reach out and make sure the person we just met is OK, what are our lives worth?

That’s basically all I’ve got.

Photo by fdecomite via Flickr Creative Commons.

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