I’m not a dieter. I don’t micromanage my food intake.

I do try to exercise, but that’s more about keeping healthy and helping my back stay loose.

But travel can be hell on the waistline. It’s even worse when it’s work-related travel, because the opportunity to walk around and see cool things and at least get exercise to burn off some of the extra calories is greatly curtailed. When we’re on vacation, we’ll walk and walk and walk and walk.

A couple weeks ago, when I was in Sacramento, it wasn’t too bad because I would walk the mile or so from the hotel to the office each morning and evening. Then, when meeting up with colleagues or friends for dinner, I’d walk to the restaurant, too.

Having some time out in the fresh air was nice, as well. Being cooped up in a conference room or office all day kinda makes me stir crazy in a way it didn’t back in the day when I was working from home or freelance. I’d often go into Manhattan and work out of coffee shops, friends’ offices, or co-working spaces for the day, stepping outside often throughout the day as I’d switch locations or head out for lunch.

Traveling for work is a double-edged sword when it comes to food, however. If you’re in a new city, the chance that there’s some local specialty – whether from a type of food you’ve never had before, a more authentic version of food you love, or just a new twist on an old favorite – and you’ll want to try that. I do, at least, because I like food. A lot.

In San Luis Obispo, where I am right now, we’re very close to the Pacific Ocean, and the seafood is rather good. Wanting to try it in various forms is de┬árigueur.

When I’m home, I usually eat breakfast and lunch and have something very light in the evening, unless the Mister and I go out to dinner. It’s not common for me to eat three full meals on a daily basis, more like two and then a few small snacking sessions. It works for me, so *shrug*.

On the road, everyone around me is eating three meals a day. Completely different affect on my metabolism, as I’m not used to that. So I try to eat less at each meal, but then … I see these delicious foods and want to try them.

So, we shall see. I had a bratwurst tonight and didn’t eat the hoagie roll. But I ate the fries. They were sooooo good.

Photo by Dan Gold via Unsplash.

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