A couple months ago, I got an email from my friend, Chris Kieff from Sprinklr asking if I’d participate in an e-book they were doing on the topic of #SocialAtScale.

I’m happy to do anything to help Chris out, and I thought it was an interesting topic, so I immediately accepted.

When it came time to actually write my entry, however, I was stumped. I had, quite literally, no idea what to say. That’s never stopped me before when I had an article to write on deadline, so I started writing. And kept writing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of enterprise you have – you have to care.

It goes beyond caring about your company, or caring about doing social right. It’s about caring enough for your employees that you give them the tools to do the job. It’s about caring about your customers. It’s about caring about your brand.

The book is chock-full of great chapters on important topics: Scaling the corporate social media strategy team, from Sarah Evans. That the willingness to change is vital to scaling social, by Mack Collier. Why your social accounts shouldn’t be left to the interns, from Jeff Bullas. And, of course, why companies need to embrace social, for that ever-vital Return on Relationship, by Ted Rubin.

Here’s the entire e-book, via Slideshare, or you can download it from Sprinklr.

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