I have a weakness for potato chips. Other chips and snacks, sure, I like a lot of them. But potato chips? I can eat and eat and eat and eat and eat them and never stop. Except Salt & Vinegar, because they’re awesome, but your mouth feels raw if you eat too many of them.

Our boys were never big on potato chips, though my younger son would live on French fries if we allowed him. My older son doesn’t even like fries. But recently they started requesting potato chips as the snack we’d have on hand for them, so we obliged. The big one loves salt & vinegar, but definitely in moderation. Our younger boy, to no one’s surprise, loves plain old regular potato chips.

The thing about having chips in the house hasn’t been a big issue. I might sneak a couple of Doritos now and again, or a few corn chips, but I don’t have a weakness for them.

I didn’t realize I had such a weakness for potato chips until recently, when we started buying them regularly for our boys. (Before this sounds like we just feed them crap, they are thin as rails and eat lots of stuff, but geez, you gotta have some chips around for the little ones.) It had been so long since we’d had regular potato chips in the house, except for Pringles, that I didn’t really think about them much.

Fair enough, of course, considering I shouldn’t be thinking about potato chips too much anyway. Back to the chips.

I find myself filling a small bowl with them as a nighttime snack sometimes, or sneaking a few out of the bag when I go into the kitchen for totally unrelated reasons. This isn’t good. I need to eat healthier, and chips ain’t gonna help.

All this came to mind because I opened Edlyn Yuen’s Prompt IRL book for inspiration for today’s post. Nothing really struck me until I saw, “POTATO”. I knew it was the right one. That is what I’d write about. Potato.

Sometimes, a simple word is all it takes.

Photo by Jessica and Lon Binder via Flickr Creative Commons.

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