I had a decision to make tonight: Take a quick metro ride to see one close friend be honored for her work or take a 25-minute cab ride to the boonies to hang out with a friend and her nephews.

It was an easy decision. My friend in the ‘burbs has been fighting cancer for the better part of two years and I haven’t seen her in person in probably four years.

We have decisions to make every day. Most are simple and easy. Others, more difficult. Except even those are easy – because you always know what the right decision is, even if it’s not the one you want to make.

The best decision we can make is to make time for our friends.

We have family, and we have friends. The former are important, to be sure. But we don’t get to pick them, and we don’t always have anything in common with them.

The latter? They’re special. They’re the people we’ve chosen to spend time with; the people we’ve picked to be our extended families.

Photo by Felipe Bastos via Flickr Creative Commons.

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