So I failed today, for the first time on my journey to blogging every day. I had the best of intentions, but still failed to get something written and posted before midnight in the time zone I’m in.

However, I’m still awake, it’s 12:06 a.m. Central time and doggone it, this will count.

I had a lot of really interesting conversations today.

In one, I discussed schools and how different demographic makeups of the student (and teacher/administrative) population completely changes the attitude of teachers toward students. Homeschooling sometimes can be the answer. More on that another time.

In another, I discussed how not every 15-year-old in America has a smartphone. We tend to think of everything as being in the bubbles we live in. Those bubbles can pop and we can find ourselves in a new bubble that doesn’t rise as high as our last. Then we recognize that what seemed normal and real to us at one point was completely unrealistic. If we’re lucky, we can recognize that without having to change bubbles.

In another, I discussed how political journalism has, for so long, been the coverage of personality over policy. Policy isn’t as sexy, but it’s what actually affects us in our everyday lives. Can we cover politics as policy and get to the bottom of what’s going on? Will people actually read that? I don’t know.

In another, I discussed how refreshing musical nostalgia can be and how seeing DJ Jazzy Jeff perform live would be excellent. In fact, I ended up seeing him perform and when he segued from Bel Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” to the theme of the old TV show “Sanford and Son,” that point was driven home. I saw an older couple completely swept up in the moment, enjoying the hell out of their lives and the nostalgia that had them literally dancing in the street.

In another, I discussed how journalists have for too long abandoned the communities they purported to serve. And now wonder why they aren’t trusted. We gave them sub-par home delivery, stopped covering their local board meetings, sent them to voice mail hell when they called, and took away free obituaries. And then wondered why they left us. It wasn’t just the rise of Craigslist and destruction of the classified ads model. Very much of our pain has been self-inflicted.

Finally, I discussed serendipity.

To wit: Serendipity was responsible for almost all the conversations above today. So, yeah. That happened.

Photo by Luca Mascaro via Flickr Creative Commons.

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