It seems as if I shouldn’t be tired after six days of festival-ness in Austin.

But I spent times with friends new and old. Some live in the same metro area as me, but we rarely see one another. Others live in Austin, and this is my chance to see them. Others live in other cities entirely and come to SXSW for the same reason I do – to see all these people from all over.

I ran into one friend on the street, completely random, out of context. One person I met last year at Southby and have gotten to become friends with over the past year, on Facebook. This year, we got to have lunch together and hang out at a couple of events and actually get to know one another for reals.

I went to a party and walked smack dab into another friend I haven’t seen in years.

I stayed with one of my good friends – our second year rooming together at SXSW – and it was our last hurrah (for now) because she’s moving to California in a couple weeks.

Friends from high school, old jobs, and even our short-lived run on TurntableFM helped make this as enjoyable as it’s ever been.

I wrote part of this last night and apparently fell asleep with the computer open on my lap. A couple of the sentences made no sense – sleep writing. I guess I’m glad I didn’t hit publish.

So, I didn’t publish yesterday, but I did write. And I’ll write again today for today.

Photo by Cris Saur via Unsplash.

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