I have so many words, every day.

They come out on Facebook, on Twitter, in conversation.

But more and more, I find myself sharing other people’s words more than my own. And when I sit down to write here, I have trouble finding the right words.

I could tell myself it’s because I’m traveling a lot for work now, but that’s not it. I could tell myself the discourse of this nation is so exhausting right now, but that’s not it. I could tell myself I just don’t want to get into arguments with people, but that’s not it. Of course, all of those are a little bit it, I suppose.

I find myself expending energy on other things, more concrete things. Things like helping an industry I love try to dig itself out of a hole. An industry that is under fire in so many different ways right now. An industry that has the power to hold those with more power accountable. At least, it used to have that power and still does, sometimes.

Change comes in increments. Sometimes if we get too much change at once, there’s a big push back and we slide further back than we can even recognize.

We’ve slid so far down the mountain right now that I’m not sure how long it will take to get back to where we were.

Where are we? Who are we? What values do we actually hold dear?

Some days I’m not quite sure what the answer is to any of those questions.

Photo from NASA via Unsplash.

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