First, we noticed the seal between one toilet and the floor had some water leaking out of it. We shut the water off, got ourselves to Home Depot and ordered a new toilet.

Then, one toilet kept running no matter what. It had responded to various adjustments for a while, but no longer. After half an hour, we shut the water off. For the short term, we hand-filled the tank with water from an old pitcher.

Finally, the shower, where the water had been running slow into the drain lately, just stopped draining almost altogether.

Between all this, our washing machine died and we got a new one. Then our dryer finally gave out and we had to get a new one.

This happened over a longer period of time than it sounds, but they also overlapped one after the other. One toilet’s being installed in a couple of days and after about 40 minutes of snaking the drain, we pulled a lot of gross, clumped hair and gunk from the drain.

Good times. Never say my husband and I don’t do fun things together.

How everything managed to implode in such a short time period escapes me. Karma? Bad luck? A particularly powerful jinx?

It sometimes feels the world is against us, but then we realize we have clean water and indoor plumbing and clean clothes and a sink to wash our dishes in.

It could be much, much worse.

Side note: There are a HUGE number of photos of toilets taken from above on Flickr’s Creative Commons. Go figure.

Photo by Derik DeLong via Flickr Creative Commons.

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