When my husband came to wake me up this morning, I wasn’t having it. In a fit of not wanting to get out of bed, I said, “I feel sorta nauseous.” (Yes, I know proper grammar would have that as nauseated, but whatever.) He turned and left the room, chirping, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

We’re not big on ceremony here. I don’t really recall what I got for my birthday last year. Or Christmukkah (we celebrate both in our multicultural home). I got married in a drive-through in Vegas. What did we do for our last anniversary? Stayed home with the kids.

Whatever. The point is, some people love Valentine’s Day. Others despise it. I get both. Freshman year of college, a friend and I were commiserating about how we never were dating anyone over the dreaded V-Day. So we sent each other carnations that day in order to not be left out of the festivities. It was fun to send one to a friend. We wrote anti-Valentine’s messages on the cards and laughed.

Good times.

I’m pretty sure that in the early days of our marriage, we probably bought each other cards for Valentine’s Day. I have a thing about greeting cards. I love them. But only the funny ones. I hate the sappy ones. Once we had children, I’m pretty sure we bought each other Valentine’s cards from the boys. Because an infant can choose a snarky Valentine’s card, so that seemed legitimate.

We’ll be married 20 years this December and it’s not that the romance is gone – the faux romance is gone. We make each other laugh and sometimes make each other mad. We raise our boys and eat sushi together. We both like random drives where we don’t know where we’re going but always are interested in where we end up. We both had Siberian Huskies when we were children and now we have one together.

We’re science fiction nerds who just started rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Netflix. Because we wanted to, and everyone knows that’s the best Star Trek series anyway.

Anyway, after I dragged my butt out of bed because I was just being a sleepy brat and we had two kids to get to the bus stop, we discussed our plans for the week. I have an appointment tomorrow morning and my husband had the perfect idea for a Valentine’s gift for me:

“On the way home, stop at Walgreen’s and buy however much half-price candy as you want.”

That man gets me.

Photo by Laura Ockel via Unsplash.

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