I doubt I’ll ever take a complete social detox, but I’ve definitely pulled back from being as active on social media in the past several months.

At some point, it became exhausting to be “up” all the time. And not necessarily “up” as in chipper or happy, but rather “up” as in aware and active and engaging all the time.

I would often find myself not in the moment, because I was too busy trying to capture the moment. I would miss things if they weren’t in sight of the camera lens – or if I was looking down at my phone to jot off a really funny or profound thought or thing I overheard.

I started keeping my phone in my pocket instead of always in my hand. Having to reach for it made me think about it more. I’m at SXSW right now, and this is the kingdom of the short social media attention span, but I’m living it more because I’ve ditched Swarm and am being much more selective in what I’m sharing. If I take a crappy picture, I’m not gonna share it. Nobody has time for that.

I know this sounds incredibly precious and ridiculous and I feel … blecch writing about it. But I sometimes have to write through things to work through them. I’ve spent so much of the past eight or nine years working on, in, and around social media platforms that they kind of took over. I don’t use Snapchat (I’m not the target demographic anyway), not because I’m not the target demo, but because I have enough things that spread my weak attention thin.

On weekends, except for writing these posts, I’m not hopping on my laptop, so without having the Messenger app on my phone, I no longer deal with Facebook messages. I’m much more focused on my family on weekends. When I walk Lumi, often for an hour or more, I try not to take my phone out, though I will occasionally take a photo of her. I mean, she’s gorgeous, can you blame me?

Photo by Kate Serbin via Unsplash.

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